Company: SourceGear Corporation Author: Dom Lachowicz (Donationware) (free) (open source: GNU GPL), Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Other OS: Mac OS X; Linux Languages: English and many other languages

Description: AbiWord is a lean yet full-featured word processor. It features a familiar-looking interface, basic character formatting, paragraph alignment, a spell checker, interactive rulers and tabs, styles, unlimited undo/redo, find and replace, and image support. It can also import Microsoft Word 97 and RTF (Rich Text Format) documents, as well as support headers/footers, superscript/subscript, widow/orphan control and newspaper-style columns. Many plug-ins are available. Support for tables is currently limited. Home page: Project Page: download page v 2.4.5 (2006-07-08) [ abiword-setup-2.4.5.exe (5270 KB) Windows]