One player for ALL known formats including MKV, DivX, Xvid, Flash, QuickTime, DVD, MP3, FLAC files. If you have problems with codecs or your PC is too weak to play Internet Content, the LiveUpdate service is at hand to clean, update and fix your playback problems. ALLPlayer plays ALL formats YouTube to ALLPlayer is available in LiveUpdate! Download video files from YouTube on your PC ! Subtitles Monster ALLPlayer has built in special connectors to the servers that enable you to watch movie with subs in the instant mode. Subtitle Speaker New function allow your kids to hear subtitles. IQ Text- Inteligent subtitles - never miss any subtitles. LiveUpdate This service allows you to keep up to date with the latest codec packs. Converter ALLtoAVI This function will help you to convert new formats like x264 or MKV to the format appropriate for your DVD/DivX device for easy playback. New Setup Is more intuitive than before, especially in case of subtitle handling and files management. Better stability When it comes to High Definition movies (MKV/X264), your old computer won't play them but using special decoders you will discover your movies in higher resolution. This is thanks to DirectX and LiveUpdate service. Thanks to support, with our ALLPlayer you will be able to automatically download and share your subs. No more searching for Chinese or English subtitles. All you have at finger tips. New formats FLAC and APE Is a great step towards better loosless audio codecs. AVI Doctor Downloaded some Torrent file and want to preview the movie? With the AVI Doctor you can fix the file or just preview some torrents if you like. PlayList Better PlayList helps you to manage big files of Audio and Video. Perfect for Home Disco Party. Better SnapShot Take a photo while watching movies and record it on HDD. This will help you to create Covers for your Movies. Skins Go to Setup and easy make own Skin. With LiveUpdate you will get access to other skins so your player never get bored. PrivateDRM There are made special Encoders for Content Management process withing P2P sites. Built in DRM is very unique and doesn't take any private data from the users.

The new ALLPLayer is available and in it:

ALLContainer ALLMenu ALLCoverFlow

  • Enables automatic downloading and matching subtitles to the movie
  • Finding the cover and description of the movie
  • Subtitles, cover and description input to the file of the movie
  • Gives the possibility of adding the signature and links to your community
  • Protecting and password the file
  • Adding the menu never has been so easy. Just take a screen shot, and 3D menu will immediately be ready
  • A new way of viewing the movie - you do not need to buy a Mac to enjoy your movie menu (ALLCoverFlow)

Run LiveUpdate! find more: ,

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