AutoStreamer Company: AutoStreamer Author: Antonis Kaladis; Ben Burrows (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows 2000/XP; Windows Server 2003 NOTES: Supported Service Pack files: Windows 2000: SP3 and later; Windows XP: Any; Windows 2003: Any Languages: English

Description: AutoStreamer will slipstream Service Packs into original Windows setup files. All you need is your Windows CD or a local share, a Service Pack for that version of Windows, and a CD-Writer to burn the CD image. AutoStreamer is an application that makes slipstreaming easier, it is menu driven and includes many features that will help make sure your CD is created properly. NOTES: This program will read your Windows install CD and a service pack on your hard drive. It will create a new .iso to create a new Windows Install CD with the service pack incorporated into it. This saves much time in future reinstalls and provides you with an important backup of your MS Install CD Program description; download v 1.0.33 (2005-01-05) [ AutoStreamer.exe (847 KB)] Blog (alternate download page) (desc. rev.: 2005-12-01)