Company: Equi4 Software

Author: Jean-Claude Wippler

(Freeware) (open source)

Windows OS: Windows

NOTES: No installation required. No registry entries.

Languages: English

Description: CatFish is a disk catalog browser. It allows you to save snapshots of the directory/file structure of your disks and to search through them at anytime. The catalog files maintained by CatFish are very compact and fast, and can easily handle the huge directory trees often found on large disks, removable disks, and CD-ROMs. CatFish will calculate total subdirectory sizes, and lists the date of the newest file found inside each directory. You can search all catalogs by file name (wildcards), size, and/or date. When used in Win 95/NT, CatFish will recognize and store long file names. Furthermore, CatFish can be used as an application or document launcher.

Home page:

Program description:

download v 1.9 (1999-12-20) [ (113 KB)]

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