dirhtml Company: -- Author: Eric Nitzsche (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows NT/2000/XP NOTES: v 4.73 is the last version that supports Windows 98 Languages: English

Description: Dirhtml builds index.html files from a folder branch, optionally using a built in scripting language. It runs from a GUI or the command line and creates customizable index files. Dirhtml is xhtml compliant. With dirhtml, your index pages can have anything valid in html or xhtml, including: a title; a background image; inline or <head> based styles; meta tags; any kind of external scripts, including perl, javascript, php Home Page, download v 4.77 (2006-08-15); v 4.73 (2006-01-15) [ (317 KB) Windows NT/2000/XP] [ (307 KB) Windows 98/NT/2000/XP]

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