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Everest Dictionary Company: Free Soft Author: Daniel Vladutu (Betaware) (Donationware) (free) stable version Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP; Windows Server 2003 NOTES: Works best on systems supporting Unicode. Other OS: Linux Languages: English, Romanian, Italian, French, Spanish, German

Description: A dictionary program which at the moment includes 35 different dictionaries. It consists of multiple engines - Instant Translator (Hotkey based), Translator (for translation of larger texts), Glossary (Web-based shared dictionary), Learning Tool and Game (learn words and test knowledge). Supports MS Agent for pronunciation of English words. NOTES: Dictionary databases and other single language packages are available for download. Home page: Program description; download page [ v 3.10 beta (2004-02-09) (79 MB) 1. Full dictionary (all languages)] [ v 3.10 beta (2004-02-09) EverestEnglish.exe (13867 KB) 2. National Dictionary (English)] [ v 3.1 (2005-10-19) Dictionary.exe (1271 KB) 3. Main application only]

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