JAlbum Company: Author: David Ekholm (Donationware) (free) Windows OS: Windows NOTES: Requires v1.4 of Suns Java runtime or newer. Other OS: Mac OS X; Linux; Unix Languages: English and many other languages (German help file available) Description: This software makes web albums of your digital images. With JAlbum you have full control of the look of the generated album, not just color theme and basic layout, making an album is just a matter of drag and drop + a button click if you prefer to use one of the many existing looks. JAlbum will process your images, make index pages and slide show pages and even upload the final album to the Internet for your friends to see. No extra software is needed to view the albums, just your web browser. Home Page: download page v 6.5.3 (2006-08-14 ) [ JAlbum-install.exe (10173 KB) Windows] [ (8491 KB) Windows] Buzzy's review:

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