Description: (features from home page)

-Tabbed interface to provide easy access to open documents

-Opens all Word documents, RTF documents, and plain text documents

-Save documents in Word format (Word 95), RTF format, and as plain text

-Adjustable zoomed document view

-Optional display of button labels

-Dockable tool panels

-Optional system tray access

-Full drag and drop file support

-Customizable background pattern and color schemes

-Quick access to recently opened documents and folders

-Quick access to documents and folders designated as favorites

-Detailed Help file

-multiple language support (optional downloads)

-spell checking in multiple languages

Home Page:

Direct Download (installer):

Direct Download (zipfile):

(current version 3.0beta)

[posters notes: an excellent word processor with superb printing support. the latest beta version includes many GUI enhancements to improve user experience and make for faster use. highly recommended]

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