Company: C. Ghisler & Co. Author: Christian Ghisler (Freeware), Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP; Windows 3.x (16 bit) with less functionality Languages: English; (16-bit version also in German)

Description: External version of Total Commander's built-in viewer. Lister is a standalone viewer for text (ASCII, ANSI, Unicode, UTF-8, RTF), html files (formatted text and links), bitmaps and certain multimedia files. Any file can be browsed with a fixed length binary and a hex view. Lister can display pictures and other multimedia files using Irfanview or XNView as a filter. Lister Plugins written for Total Commander are supported, too. These plugins are available for a broad variety of file formats (executables, databases, CAD, GIS, office documents, archive files, fonts, Palm files, torrents, playlists,...), making Lister an excellent multi-format viewer. Some plugins also add edit facilities. Documents can be searched for text and hexadecimal strings. Text can be selected, copied to clipboard and printed. Customization is possible via command line and (if necessary various) *.ini file(s). COMMENTS: Lister is very fast and handles files of nearly unlimited size without problems. Plugins should be tested after installation. Some are not stable, yet, and may crash Lister.

Home page: Program description: download v (2005-06-20) [ (196 KB) 32-bit version] Lister extensions (plugins) descriptions: downloads Official Plugins site: Plugins (includes new and beta versions): (desc. rev.: 2006-11-26 RJ)