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a-squared Free

AVG Anti-Spyware

AVG Anti-Spyware

Comodo BoClean

Comodo BoClean

Anti-Trojan Edit

Before the rise of Anti-spyware, anti-trojans were generally considered the second line of defense after anti-virus. They justified themselves with quality memory scanners, better cleaning abilities and greater focus on none-spreading malware like trojans. Despite this, even at their heyday, there were never very popular and only a handful anti-trojans exist. Just like antispyware, the freeware versions are generally on demand scanners only.

Today, the focus is on antispyware. Besides the line between antispyware and antitrojan is very thin anyway. BoClean (classified as a anti-trojan) has always handled malware that we call spyware. Ewido has gone through many name changes, starting off as an anti-trojan, before changing the name to anti-malware , currently it goes by AVG Antispyware.

You can probably just go with BoClean for real-time protection if you see the need.

Resident scanner Edit

  1. Vista Comodo BoClean - Star New

BoClean's selling point is its memory scanner. Currently (June 2007), it has just being bought by Comodo and has become freeware.

On demand scanners Edit

  1. Vista a-squared Free - Star
  2. Vista Ewido (now AVG Anti-Spyware) - Star Recommended- Ewido Micro Scanner
  3. Nemesis -
  4. Extroyan - - No longer free
  5. SwatIt Anti Trojan and Bot Scanner and Remover Outdated?
  6. See Lists of freeware antispyware and Lists of freeware antivirus

Both A-squared Free and Ewido have traditionally being classed in the anti-trojan area. But they target spyware as well of course.

Online Scanners Edit

This section is no longer updated, For updated list see Online Malware Scanners

  1. A2 squared web scanner
  2. Windows Security scanner
  3. For more online scanners see also List of freeware online antispyware scans and List of freeware online antivirus scans

Information Sources Edit

  1. Illusive security -

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