Selection of personal firewall snapshots:
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Comodo Firewall Pro


Jetico Personal Firewall V1.0


Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15



Sunbelt Kerio 4 Firewall


Sygate Personal Firewall


ZoneAlarm Firewall Free Version

Windows XP SP 2 users already have a built in firewall. However it is limited to only inbound filtering. For non-security purposes, many users prefer to use a personal firewall to control outbound connections as well. In recent years, many of the freeware firewalls were either abandoned (Kerio 2) or companies that produced them were sold (Sygate) and many of the freeware offering are very old outdated products (Outpost Free). Comodo Firewall however bucks this trend. Vista users have the option of just relying on their builtin firewall because it includes outbound filtering , though this is turned off by default.

Many personal firewalls, have moved towards incorporating HIPS features because this is the only way to defeat leak tests. Another option is to combine a solid basic personal firewall with a strong freeware HIPS.


  1. Comodo Firewall Pro - StarRecommended
  2. Vista Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 (beta) -
  3. Jetico Personal Firewall V1.0 (no longer in development) - Star
  4. Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 (no longer in development) - Star
  5. Sunbelt Kerio 4 Firewall -
  6. Sygate Personal Firewall (no longer in development) - Star
  7. Outpost Firewall Free (no longer in development) -
  8. Vista ZoneAlarm Firewall Free Version - Star alternative download

ZoneAlarm is perhaps THE personal firewall that started the trend of using personal firewalls among home users and it is still very popular. It is also currently (July 2007) one of the few freeware firewalls to support Vista. Comodo Firewall Pro is the latest breed of firewall that is designed with defeating leaktests, it is currently (July 2007), the top personal firewall (free and paid) in beating leak tests (opinions differ on how important this is though), although at the cost of being resource heavy and complicated to use. Kerio Personal Firewall 2.15 though no longer developed is a old fan favorite, as it is light weight, stable and has a highly intuitive yet flexible interface. However given it's age it does not handle leak tests very well. Sunbelt Kerio 4 firewall provides some HIPS capabilities with results in better resistant to leak test. However it has a reputable of being buggy, slow and being not user friendly.

Sygate Personal Firewall was a popular firewall however it was bought over. Outpost free is probably the most outdated of the bunch here. Jetico Personal Firewall V1.0 was a first attempt by Jetico to produce a firewall. Besides Comodo it has the best performance for a freeware firewall against leak tests. However it has several quirks, such as not being installed as a service, and a very unconventional interface for firewall rulesets. They have since moved onto version 2 (not free).


  1. Adorons Firewall - (down? June 07)
  2. AirSnare -
  3. Ashampoo FireWall -
  4. AS3 Personal Firewall 2 -
  5. Bartware Personal firewall -
  6. Blink Neighborhood Watch - align=center Replaced with Blink Personal -free for one year (after which antiVirus functions stop)
  7. CHX-I Packet Filter - - manual Star (down? June 07).
  8. Eagle X is an IDS environment using free software -
  9. Filseclab Personal Firewall -
  10. Firewall Builder -
  11. GhostWall -
  12. GoldTach personal firewall -
  13. Huricanesoft Personal Firewall - - Pro version is available free for none-commercial usage.
  14. Look n Stop Lite -
  15. McAfee® Internet Security Suite – Special edition from AOL New
  16. Netdefender -
  17. OpenFirewall (open source)-
  18. Vista PC Tools Firewall Plus -
  19. PeerGuardian (open source) -
  20. Proxy+ - http://www.proxy
  21. Primedius Firewall Lite -
  22. R-Firewall -
  23. SafeZone -
  24. Safety.Net - Star
  25. Securepoint Personal Firewall & VPN Client 3.7.1 -
  26. SoftPerfect Personal Firewall -
  27. Sphinx A wall -
  28. Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0 (outdated) -
  29. # Vista Vista Firewall Control -
  30. WyvernWorks Firewall -
  31. Xanv personal firewall -
  32. Xeon Personal Firewall - (Ad supported)
  33. See also Lists of freeware Behavior blockers some like SensiveGuard, Winpooch, DSA,Prevx etc that have network control functions

Some interesting ones worth trying are Safety.Net,Personal Firewall, SoftPerfect Personal Firewall and PC Tools Firewall Plus - one of the few free personal firewalls that currently(July 07) work in Vista. Another option is Vista Firewall Control, it is a tool to manage the built-in vista firewall.

IP filtersEdit

  1. PeerGuardian 2 -
  2. Protowall -

These are mostly used for filtering out ip address. See here for [| more blocklists]

Addons for firewallsEdit

For Outpost 1Edit

  1. Blockpost -
  2. HTTP Log -
  3. Super Stealth - ARP filtering plug-in -

For XP windows firewallEdit

  1. FireLogXP -
  2. FirePanel XP -
  3. XPFiremon -,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,27/Itemid,37/
  4. XP Logger -
  5. Windows 2000 Firewalling -

For Zone alarmEdit

  1. VisualZone -

Block lists for Kerio firewall 2Edit

  1. Sponge -
  2. KPF Splash Screen Killer -

For sygate firewallEdit

  1. SPF Log Viewer -

Information Sources Edit

  1. Matousec's Introduction to firewall leak testing - and
  1. Firewall leak tester -

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