OE-Quotefix Company: -- Author: Dominik Jain (Donationware) (free) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP NOTES: Requires OE 5.x/6.x Languages: English

Description: OE-QuoteFix will extend the functionality of MS Outlook Express in numerous ways! Its main purpose is to modify message composition windows on-the-fly to allow for correct quoting and to change the appearance of your plain-text replies and forwards in general: move your signature, use compressed indentation, have RFC compliant signatures, etc. But the second feature is equally practical: OE-QuoteFix can instantly color quoted passages (according to the level of indentation), fix bad quoting and generally beautify messages as you view them in Outlook Express. Program description:

download page v 1.19.2 (2003-08-21) [ oequotefix1192.exe (420 KB)]

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