Pegtop PStart

Company: Pegtop Software

Author: Jens Gruschel

Ware: Freeware

Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/XP

Languages: English, German

Description: PStart is a program launcher (desktop shortcuts). It can live in the tray, or be completely invisible and activated at screen edges or corners. Simply drag and drop to add programs, folders, etc. to the list. Items can show with small or large icons. Create folders to group items (submenus) or just use separators. Just drag items around to arrange as desired. Search function searches the list and (optionally) the Start menu. Notes function for quick note-taking. Can be installed normally or as a completely portable program for a USB flash drive (there's also a U3 version available). Many settings and options - for PStart and for each program. To me, it combines the best of RunIt and TrayBar.

Home page:

Version: 2.11 (2007-06-06) PStartSetup211.exe (769KB)

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