Power-Grab (PowerGrab 2002) Company: Cosmic Wolf Software Author: -- (Donationware) (free) Windows OS: Windows Languages: English

Description: Power-Grab is a 32-bit windows application that allows you to download files from a Usenet News server. Download with up to 8 server connections at once. Decodes UU-Encoded and yEnc encoded files. Auto-Resume on disconnects and server down-time. Modifiable Download Queue window. Downloads can be stopped and restarted from where it left off. Download speed limit can be set and changed while downloading. Header data files are much smaller than those found in other news grabbers. Find window lets you search across ALL groups for keywords History window shows what you've done, when you did it, and how long it took. Newsgroup list shows how many files and their total size in K, MB or GB. Lots of testing has made Power-Grab stable and Resource-Friendly! NOTES: Power-Grab does NOT use the Windows Registry. Simply create a new folder and extract and run Power-Grab from there. download v 2.6-RC1 (2004-05-12) [ POWER-GRAB-2002-v2_6-RC1.ZIP (1095 KB)]

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