If you want to add a program which is not already in this list try to put a link to it in the right place alphabetically in this alphabetical list. Save the list. Then click on that link you made and write a description of the program in the empty page you come to.

1by1 MULTIMEDIA: Audio Player

2xExplorer FILE UTILITIES: File Manager: Dual pane

40tude Dialog INTERNET: Newsreader


7-Zip FILE UTILITIES: Archives: Zip-Unzip

AbiWord TEXT: Editor: Word Processor

Ad-Aware SECURITY: Spy and Aware remover

Agent Ransack FILE UTILITIES: Search in files

All-Purpose Spell Checker (APSC) TEXT: Spellchecker

AllChars TEXT: Extended Characters; Form Filler

AM-DeadLink INTERNET: URL Checker

AntiVir Avira SECURITY: Antivirus

Any Password SECURITY: Password Manager

AR RAM Disk FILE UTILITIES: Ramdisk creator

Atlantis Nova TEXT: Editor: Word Processor

ATViewer FILE UTILITIES: Universal viewer

Audacity MULTIMEDIA: Audio Editor

AutoHotkey PROGRAMMING: Automation: Macros

Autoruns SECURITY: Check what autostarts

AutoStreamer SYSTEM UTILITIES: Slipstreaming service packs

avast! SECURITY: Anti-virus

AVG Anti-Virus System SECURITY: Antivirus

AxCrypt SECURITY: Encryption Tool

Belarc Advisor SECURITY: Check hardware

Blender GRAPHICS: Editor: 3D

Bulk Rename Utility FILE UTILITIES: File Renamer

Calendar Magic ORGANIZERS: Calendar

CatFish ORGANIZERS: Cataloger

Cathy ORGANIZERS: Cataloger

CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) SYSTEM UTILITIES: Registry And File Tools

CDCheck FILE UTILITIES: Files: Validate; Undelete

CDex MULTIMEDIA: Audio: Ripper-Converter

Chainsaw FILE UTILITIES: File Splitter

Clipomatic TEXT: Clipboard utility

Clonespy FILE UTILITIES: Find and delete duplicate files

Cobian Backup SYSTEM UTILITIES: File and directory backup utility

Cobian Backup Portable PORTABLE APPS: File and directory backup utility

Columnizer FILE UTILITIES: Text column processor

ConText TEXT: Editor: Code

Convert BUSINESS-HOME: Converter

Crypt Edit TEXT: Editor: Word Processor


dBpowerAMP MULTIMEDIA: Audio: Ripper-Converter

DeepBurner Free SYSTEM UTILITIES: CD-DVD: Burner

Deep Paint GRAPHICS: Paint program

Dependency Walker SYSTEM UTILITIES:

Dexpot SYSTEM UTILITIES: Virtual desktops

Dimension 4 ORGANIZERS: Time Synchronizer

dirhtml ORGANIZERS: Cataloger: Web Site Index Maker

DLExpert INTERNET: Download Manager

Drive Rescue FILE UTILITIES: Files: Undelete

DVDSig FILE UTILITIES: Files: Validate

Easy Gallery Generator (EGG) GRAPHICS: Thumbnails

EasyCleaner SYSTEM UTILITIES: Registry And File Tools

eCleaner TEXT: Text Tool: Email Stripper

EditPad Lite TEXT: Editor: Code


Eraser FILE UTILITIES: File Wiper

Everest Dictionary BUSINESS-HOME: Dictionary

Exifer GRAPHICS: ; Manage EXIF info in images

Extended Character Map TEXT: Extended Characters

F-Prot Antivirus for DOS SECURITY: Anti-virus

FastStone Image Viewer GRAPHICS: Viewer

FileMap by BB SYSTEM UTILITIES: Install-Uninstall Tool

Filemon SYSTEM UTILITIES: File monitor

FileNote FILE UTILITIES: File Notes

FileZilla Server INTERNET: Server: FTP

FileZilla INTERNET: FTP Client

FileZillaPortable PORTABLE APPS: Portable FTP Client


FlightGear GAMES: Flight Simulator

Foobar2000 MULTIMEDIA: Audio Player

Foxit TEXT: PDF Reader

Free Agent INTERNET: Email

Free Digital Camera Enhancer GRAPHICS: Viewer; Image Optimizer

Free Download Manager (FDM) INTERNET: Download Manager

Frhed PROGRAMMING: Editor: Hex


General Search And Replace (GSAR) FILE UTILITIES: Search And Replace

GOMPlayer MULTIMEDIA: Video Player with built-in codecs

Graph Paper Printer BUSINESS-HOME: Graph Paper Printer

GSpot MULTIMEDIA: Video tester

Hamster INTERNET: Server: Mail; News

Hosts File INTERNET: Content Filter: Hosts

HTMSTRIP TEXT: Convert: HTML To Text And Tables

HTTP File Server INTERNET: File/Web Server

HTTRACK (WinHTTrack) INTERNET: Download Web Sites

IconShop GRAPHICS: Icontool

IEradicator SYSTEM UTILITIES: Uninstall Tool

Index.dat Suite SYSTEM UTILITIES: Cleaner:

Info-Rapid Search & Replace FILE UTILITIES: Search And Replace

Inno Setup PROGRAMMING: Installer

IrfanView GRAPHICS: Viewer

i.Scribe PORTABLE APPS: Portable Email Client and calendar

IZArc FILE UTILITIES: Archives: Zip-Unzip archive tool

IZArc2Go PORTABLE APPS: Zip-Unzip archive tool

JAlbum WEB DESIGN: Image Gallery

Jarte TEXT: Word Processor

Jetico SECURITY: Firewall

jpgCleaner GRAPHICS: WEB DESIGN: jpegCleaner: Image

JR Screen Ruler GRAPHICS: Screen measure

JR Split File n/a

K-meleon INTERNET: Browser

K9 INTERNET: Email Tool: Spam

Karen's Replicator FILE UTILITIES: Backup

KeePass Password Safe SECURITY: Password Manager

Kerio Personal Firewall SECURITY: Firewall

KeyNote ORGANIZERS: Organizer: Notes-Rich Text


Kolorgenerator PORTABLE APPS: GRAPHICS: WEB DESIGN: Color tool

Kompozer WEB DESIGN: WYSIWYG Web page authoring tool

KompozerPortable PORTABLE APPS: Portable WYSIWYG Web page authoring tool

LAME (compiled) MULTIMEDIA: Audio: Encoder


Letmetype TEXT: Autocompletion of words

Lister FILE UTILITIES: File Viewer

Magic Mail Monitor INTERNET: Email Manager

MD5Summer FILE UTILITIES: Files: Validate

Meazure GRAPHICS: Screen ruler, angles, measuring.

Media Player Classic MULTIMEDIA: Multimedia Player

Memtest86 SYSTEM UTILITIES: Memory Tester

MetaPad TEXT: Editor

Minitrue FILE UTILITIES: Search and replace in files.


Mozilla Firefox INTERNET: Browser

Mozilla Thunderbird INTERNET: Email Client


MultiRes SYSTEM UTILITIES: Set monitor resolution

MWSnap DESKTOP: Clipboard: Screen Capture

MyAlbum GRAPHICS: Organizer; Image Gallery; Screensaver

Netmeter INTERNET: Traffic monitoring

Neutron ORGANIZERS: Time Synchronizer

nLite SYSTEM UTILITIES: Boot Disk Creator

nnCron LITE ORGANIZERS: Reminders; Scheduler

NoteTab Light TEXT: Editor

Nvu WEB DESIGN: Editor: WYSIWYG]] Linspire Inc

OE Reader (was MiTeC DBX Viewer) n/a

OE-Quotefix INTERNET: Email And News Tool

OffByOne INTERNET: Web Browser

Open Object Rexx PROGRAMMING: Programming: Language BUSINESS-HOME: Office Suite

OpenOfficePortable PORTABLE APPS: Portable Office Suite

Opera INTERNET: Web Browser


Orbiter GAMES: Simulator Space travel

PaintStar GRAPHICS: Paint program

Partition Saving SYSTEM UTILITIES: Partition Image Tool

Path Copy (PathCopy) FILE UTILITIES: Directory: Copy Path

PC Inspector File Recovery FILE UTILITIES:

PDFCreator TEXT: Convert Text To PDF

Pdftk - the PDF Toolkit TEXT: PDF Tool

PE Builder SYSTEM UTILITIES: Boot Disk Creator

Pegasus Mail INTERNET: Email

PhotoFiltre GRAPHICS: Editor: Photo-Paint

Pitaschio SYSTEM UTILITIES: Windows desktop tweaker

Pixia GRAPHICS: Editor: Photo-Paint

pngOptimiser GRAPHICS: PNG image file optimiser

POP Peeper INTERNET: Email Checker

POPFile INTERNET: Email Tool: Spam

Power-Grab (PowerGrab 2002) INTERNET: Newsreader: Binary

PowerPro SYSTEM UTILITIES: Launcher and much more

Process Explorer SECURITY: Check running processes

Process Guard (ProcessGuard) SECURITY: Monitor Protect Processes

Programmer's File Editor (PFE) TEXT: Editor

PSPad TEXT: Editor: Code

PStart DESKTOP: Program Launcher (Desktop Shortcuts Menu)

PUI (Program Uninstallation Information) SYSTEM UTILITIES: Uninstall Tool

Push That Freakin' Button (PTFB) n/a

Quintessential Player (QCD) MULTIMEDIA: Music player

R BUSINESS-HOME: Mathematics R Foundation for Statistical Computing

Ragtime Solo BUSINESS-HOME: Desk Top Publishing

Rainlendar ORGANIZERS: Calendar

Ranish Partition Manager SYSTEM UTILITIES: Boot Manager; Partitioner

RegCleaner SYSTEM UTILITIES: Cleaner:And Registry

RegMon SECURITY: Monitor processes

RegSeeker SYSTEM UTILITIES: Registry And File Tools

ReplaceEm (was BK ReplaceEm) FILE UTILITIES: Search And Replace

Resource Hacker SYSTEM UTILITIES: Change programs

RevoUninstaller SYSTEM UTILITIES: Program uninstaller

RUNit DESKTOP: Desktop Shortcuts Menu

SciTE TEXT: Editor: Code

Screamer Radio MULTIMEDIA: Internet radio recorder

Script Defender SECURITY:

Skype INTERNET: Phone

SmartFTP INTERNET: FTP program

Spybot Search & Destroy SECURITY: Anti-Spyware

SpywareBlaster SECURITY: Antispyware

Starter SECURITY: Startup manager for Windows

Start-Up Monitor SECURITY: Check what starts at reboot

Startup Control Panel SECURITY: Check what starts at reboot

Stroke-it SYSTEM UTILITIES: Mouse gestures

SunbirdPortable PORTABLE APPS: Portable calendar utility

Sygate Personal Firewall SECURITY: Firewall

TClockEx ORGANIZERS: Clock Customizer

TDiff (TextDiff) TEXT: Compare Text In

The Font Thing TEXT: Font Manager

The Gimp GRAPHICS: Graphics Editor: Photo-Paint

The Gimp Portable PORTABLE APPS: Portable Graphics Editor: Photo-paint

The Proxomitron INTERNET: Content Filter

THE Rename FILE UTILITIES: File Renamer

TheSage BUSINESS-HOME: Dictionary; Thesaurus

TMPGEnc Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP]]

Total Uninstall SYSTEM UTILITIES: Install-Uninstall Tool

Transparent DESKTOP: Icon Tool

Traybar DESKTOP: Desktop Shortcuts

TreePad Lite and TreePad Asia ORGANIZERS: Organizer: Notes-Text

TrueCrypt SECURITY: Encryption Tool

TUGZip FILE UTILITIES: Archives: Zip-Unzip


UK's Kalender ORGANIZERS: Calendar-Reminders

Ulead Gif Animator GRAPHICS: Gif Animator


UBCD4Win SECURITY: Ultimate Boot CD for Windows

UltraShredder PORTABLE APPS: Portable File Shredder

Unlocker SYSTEM UTILITIES: Unlock file

VanBasco's Karaoke Player MULTIMEDIA: Midi player

VirtualDub MULTIMEDIA: AV Editor

Visual Thought TEXT: Organiser

VLC (was VideoLAN Client) MULTIMEDIA: AV Editor

VLC Portable PORTABLE APPS: Portable Media Player

WAssociate FILE UTILITIES: File Manager Tool; Association

Wherever Change Directory (wcd) FILE UTILITIES: Folder Access

WinAmp Classic MULTIMEDIA: Mediaplayer

WinDirStat SYSTEM UTILITIES: Cataloger: Disk Space

WinDriversBackup Personal Edition FILE UTILITIES: Drivers: Backup

Wink SYSTEM UTILITIES: Record activity

WinPatrol SYSTEM UTILITIES: Process Monitor: Start-Up

Wireshark (was Ethereal) SECURITY: Packet Sniffer

WordWeb BUSINESS-HOME: Dictionary; Thesaurus

WorldTime DESKTOP: World clock

X-Fonter SYSTEM UTILITY: Font viewer


Xenu's Link Sleuth INTERNET: URL Checker

XMPlay MULTIMEDIA: Audio Player: Internet Radio

Xnews INTERNET: Newsreader

XnView GRAPHICS: Viewer

Xplorer² FILE UTILITIES: File Manager: Dual pane


XYplorer (wasTrackerV3) FILE UTILITIES: File Manager

Yankee Clipper III TEXT: Clipboard: Extender

ZipGenius FILE UTILITIES: Packer-Unpacker

ZoneAlarm INTERNET: Firewall

µTorrent INTERNET: File Transfer

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