Push That Freakin' Button (PTFB) Company: -- Author: Paul A. Roberts (Freeware) LFW (v 1.06.4) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000 Languages: English

Description: Push the Freakin' Button (or PTFB for short) is a button pressing utility. PTFB runs in the background - usually its only on-screen presence is a mouse-shaped task bar icon. When a dialog causes irritation, you simply tell PTFB which button should be pressed, and it will handle the dialog in future. By default, PTFB is cautious - a dialog has to be a perfect match for its hitlist entry before any buttons will be pressed. But it can be set to be less strict, allowing a range of similar dialogs to be handled from one hitlist entry. Main Features: Simple drag-drop interface for adding buttons to the "hit-list". Buttons will only be pressed once per appearance - no pressing frenzy if button does not dismiss the dialog. Task bar icon for easy access and notification of impending button press. Configurable press delay and three methods of identifying potential targets. download v 1.06.4 (2003-12) [ (461 KB)] Home Page ($ware version):

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