RUNit Company: -- Author: magister-lex (Betaware) (Freeware) (open source) Windows OS: Windows Languages: English

Description: RUNit is a simple but yet powerful launchpad. RUNit gives you quick access to applications, documents, folders and shortcuts. Unlike many other launchpads RUNit doesn't occupy any space on your screen - you only see it when you actually use it. RUNit defines a "hot area" on your screen where a click of the right mouse button makes the RUNit launch-menu appear .The "hot area" can be any border of the screen or even the whole screen. (you have to hold down the CRTL or SHIFT key while right clicking in "whole screen mode")

Don't download. Cannot be uninstalled completely.

Program description; download v 3.3.0 - 304 kB

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