Ragtime Solo Company: RagTime GmbH Author: -- (Liteware) (free for personal use) last Freeware version (v 5.6.5) Windows OS: Windows Other OS: Mac OS X; Mac OS 8/9. Languages: English; German; French; Dutch

Description: RagTime is a frame-oriented application for Windows and Mac OS, which combines typical features from office programs such as spreadsheet calculations and text processing with the rich layout capabilities of DTP (desktop publishing) programs. With RagTime you design photo albums, travel diaries, invitations, budgetary plannings, financial statements for associations and much more. With RagTime, you have a single convenient layout environment in which you can process text, tables, drawings, pictures and graphs. The intuitive user interface simplifies your quick access to all of RagTime's functions. NOTES: Dictionaries for spell checking and hyphenation are not included. download page v 5.6.5 (2004-) [ RagTime_Solo_565_en.exe (32924 KB) Windows (English)] download patches and updates: Home page:

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