RegCleaner Company: -- Author: Jouni Vuorio (Freeware) LFW (v Windows OS: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP Languages: English and many other languages

Description: RegCleaner is an easy to use program. With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete registry entries created by software that you have destroyed ages ago. And by easily, I mean easily. You don't have to be any expert to use this program. Key Features: - Remove file types - Remove entries of old software - Uninstall and remove Software from the Add/Remove list - Remove unused DLL files - Remove unused Shared DLLs (Automatically detected) - Automatic backup feature Other features - Advanced automation. You can easily create scripts to make many tasks much easier. Please notice: Support for Windows 95 is limited, all the functions aren't available under Win95. Also, RegCleaner doesn't work on many multi processor systems, usually it starts (you can see it with the task manager) but it stays invisible. Program description: download v [ RegCleaner.exe (540 KB) with installer] download page v [ RegCleanerNoSetup.exe (494 KB) (no install)]

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