The Font Thing Company: -- Author: Sue Fisher (Betaware) (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows 95/98/NT Languages: English

Description: With The Font Thing you can: Browse installed and uninstalled fonts; Browse fonts in subfolders as a single combined list; View sample text and individual characters in your choice of colours; Change sample text "on the fly" or easily switch between your own standard text samples; View detailed font information; Print font samples; Associate notes with fonts; Install or uninstall any number of fonts at once; Load (and unload) any number of fonts for temporary use; Copy or delete any number of font files at once; Rename font files to avoid file name conflicts; Filter fonts according to their type; Group fonts into collections for easier management; Use multiple font windows simultaneously for easy font comparison and management. Home page: download v 0.80 (beta 2) (1999-12-22) [ (483 KB)] [ (1126 KB) with installer]

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