TrueCrypt Company: TrueCrypt Foundation Author: Ennead; Syncon (Freeware) (open source) Windows OS: Windows 2000/XP; Windows Server 2003 NOTES: includes XP/2003 64-bit versions Other OS: Linux Languages: English

Description: TrueCrypt is a software system for establishing and maintaining an on-the-fly-encrypted volume (data storage device). On-the-fly encryption means that data is automatically encrypted or decrypted right before it is loaded or saved, without any user intervention. No data stored on an encrypted volume can be read without using the correct password or encryption key. Until decrypted, a TrueCrypt volume appears to be nothing more than a series of random numbers. The entire file system is encrypted (i.e., file names, folder names, contents of every file, and free space). TrueCrypt never writes decrypted data to any storage device (it only temporarily writes data being decrypted to RAM). Home page: Project Page: download page v 4.2 (2006-04-17) [ (1380 KB)]

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