WISE-FTP is a FTP client for Microsoft Windows which is developed and distributed by the German company AceBIT, located in Darmstadt. Apart from using the normal FTP protocol, Wise-FTP supports SSH (SFTP) and FTPS (FTP/SSL) protocols and the cryptographic protocols SSL and TLS. Transfers can be carried out via drag&drop, as the program interface is based on Windows Explorer.

The current version is Wise-FTP 5.5.5. The program interface is available in German, English, French and Spanish.

Since 2000, WISE-FTP has been included in all webhosting packages of the internet provider 1&1 and since 2004 of T-Online as well.

Using Wise-FTP files can be encrypted and compressed for the transfer. The program is able to upload and download multiple files simultaneously – e.g. to different FTP servers. A direct transfer from one FTP server to another is also possible. A macro recorder allows to record frequently used sequences of commands and and run them subsequently as often as you wish. In addition, Wise-FTP has a Task Planner which allows to schedule file transfers.

With the integrated HTML editor, HTML or text files can be changed on the FTP server. The synchronisation of folders and subfolders between the local and remote system can be done as well.


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