X-Fonter Company: BlackSun Software Author: -- (Liteware) (free for personal use) LFW (v 4.6) Windows OS: Windows Languages: English

Description: X-Fonter is a user friendly Font Manager and Font viewer. It also allows you to make nice 3D Graphics that you can use for your webpages, emails and much more. Features: Supports TrueType, OpenType, Postscript Type 1, Raster and Vector Fonts; Preview Fonts without installation; Install or uninstall any TrueType Fonts; Search for fonts on any drive/directory; Network support included; Font Filtering by Font Family, Codepages and Font Style; Adjustable Colors, Styles and Sizes; View Fonts in 3D mode; Character map (ASCII and Unicode); Basic Image editor built in (with cropping); JPG output supported for 3D graphics; Most settings are saved and reused in next session; Very simple and intuitive interface; No extra DLL's required; Uninstall option; Compare fonts in Dual pane; Print font overview. NOTES: no GIF support. download v 4.6 (2004-12-11) [ (843 KB)] Home Page ($ware): Buzzy's review:

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