ZipGenius Company: M.Dev Software Author: Matteo Riso (Freeware) Windows OS: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP NOTES: Older version available for Windows 95/NT4 Languages: English; Italian

Description: ZipGenius has greatly evolved during these years and today it isn't just a zip/unzip application, but it is a perfect companion for your work. ZipGenius is a great solution for who needs to archive and protect its files and projects, but it is also suitable for everyone who just want to share pictures and music files. Flexibility: ZipGenius features are unusual for a program of this type: you get support to TWAIN device (scanners and digital cameras), files extraction to CD-R writer (only under Windows XP®), a FTP client (FTPGenius). and other things. Power: ZipGenius 5 will make you use the right button of your mouse in a very clever way: all the most important functions have been replicated there. ZipGenius fully integrates with Windows® Explorer shell and, specifically, it takes advantages from using Windows® XP innovative features, such as built-in support to CD-R writers. Safety: In ZipGenius 5 we focused to increase data security, so we introduced some features to achieve these results: archive history file is encrypted, most recently used files list can be enabled (always or per session) or disabled, and CryptoZip 2.1 gives better encryption algorhythms to lock your archives. NOTES: ZipGenius 5 cannot be installed under Windows 95 and NT4: use ZipGenius 1.4 SR3. Home Page: download page v (2005-11-10) [ zg602std.exe (5042 KB) standard] [ zg602sui.exe (8720 KB) suite] Buzzy's review:

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